Practicing Physicians


Now that you have completed the years of training needed for your specialty, you will want to further protect your income earning power.

There are several types of insurance that many of your colleagues have added to their insurance portfolios.

First you want to make sure that your Personal Disability plan is maximized to your current earned income as illustrated in our Income chart.

If you have your own practice and are responsible for any of the fixed monthly expenses you may require an Office Overhead plan.

Critical Illness insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance plans on the market. It is a cross between a life insurance and disability plan. It pays out a benefit while you are living, should you be diagnosed with a critical illness. The funds are used as you wish.

Life insurance may be one of the next types of insurance that will be added. This can be for a mortgage, cover the balance of student loans, funds for the family should there be a death or put in place as a second vehicle for saving, towards retirement and should be considered after personal disability.

Long-term care is also becoming very popular with our older clientele. Many younger clients are not purchasing this for themselves, but for their parents. With the increase in long-term care and facility costs, this makes sense to round out our insurance needs. However, as you yourself age, this will become increasingly important for you as well. Contact us today and we can provide you with information and prices on these plans.
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