Banking And Beneficiary Changes

    If your policy is on pre-authorized payment and you have switched banks, fax our office a new void cheque. (877.298.9519) Please note that the insurance companies require 5 business days to change your bank information, so make sure that you let us know as soon as possible. If you are changing your bank because you have moved, please also fill out our change of address form.


Mode of Payment

To change your mode of payment please contact our office for the necessary documents and premium amount. The available modes of payment are:


  • Pre-Authorized Monthly Billing
  • Pre-Authorized Semi-Annual Billing
  • Pre-Authorized Annual Billing
  • Direct Semi-Annual Billing
  • Direct Annual Billing

Beneficiary Change

To change your beneficiary for your insurance policy, a beneficiary change form must be completed. Please contact our office to request this form.

For any other changes or questions, please contact our office toll free at 877.278.3837 or contact us here.

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